Alaskan Seafood & Wild Alaskan Salmon Wholesale.

Order wild Alaskan Seafood Wholesale & wild salmon wholesale online - Alaskan wild salmon, King Crab, Rockfish & Halibut
direct from processing in Alaska for small & medium sized seafood markets. Apply for a wholesale account online.

Alaska Seafood Wholesale
Alaskan Seafood direct from processing in Alaska!

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Frozen Seafood & Frozen Wild Salmon Wholesale Online:
Our Frozen Alaskan Seafood is slated for freezing before it is caught. We do not freeze distressed seafood that has sat waiting for buyers tp pick up at reduced wholesale proces ... we broker only the finest, and freshest Frozen Seafood available on the Alaskan Seafood Market. Your Wholesale Seafood comes directly from the boats to us, and then flown to you overnight.

Alaskan Halibut season opening soon. Order Alaskan seafood wholesale as soon as the season opens. Wholesale Products: Alaskan Salmon, Halibut, King Crab, Black Cod, Rockfish.

2012 Wild Alaskan Salmon Wholesale: As always, Copper River will be shipping direct from Alaska this May. Reserve Wholesale Copper River Salmon early. Demand for this premium Alaskan salmon is always high and 2012 appears to be no different.

For 2012 Wild Alaskan Salmon prices, including Copper River Salmon Prices, Email for wholesale accounts.

2012 Copper River Salmon Reservations accepted soon! Order Copper River Salmon Wholesale.

2012 Wholesale Salmon Prices

Seafood Wholesale Price List.
Please have your Tax ID number ready at checkout. Invoices will be sent per individual customer arrangements. If you do not have an account, a representative will contact you after your order is received. Email with any questions.

Alaskan Seafood Wholesale

Wild Salmon Wholesale:
100 lbs. Minimum Order (Any combination)

Wholesale Seafood available online for your small to medium sized account. Have your Federal Tax ID ready to order top grade Wild Alaskan Seafood & Wild Alaskan Salmon Wholesale. Shipped overnight from Alaska, these wild salmon portions are one side skin, and individually wrapped in vacuum packed industrial strength freezer bags. Buy frozen salmon directly from the source, and see how your customers begin to come back for more!

Order King Crab online direct from Alaska!



Alaskan Seafood Jobs:
Please email your resume to Alaska Wholesale Seafood . Tell us where your experience, or where your motivation would best utilized by an industry leader in Alaskan Seafood processing, Seafood marketing and retail fulfillment.

Seafood Buyers:
If you need an account, or are interested in brokering Pacific-Gourmet seafood, please send inquiry and letter of introduction to

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